Visualization In Sport

Visualization In Sport

Admin | 2023-02-21

Your mind may think in words but your body responds to images as though they were really happening right now. If you remember an argument that you had with a friend yesterday, your body reacts today as though you were still fighting. Close your eyes and remember the last time you argued with a close friend or enemy, and pay attention to what happens to your body. You may notice that your breathing has become more rapid or shallow, your muscles have tightened your heart is beating faster and you feel anxious and disturbed.

Now remember the last time you felt close to a friend or loved one, or imagine a peaceful scene. Once again pay attention to what happens to your body. You may notice that your body has begun to relax, your breathing has become deeper and more regular, your heart rate has slowed and you feel good.Here is one more example. Imagine you are holding an intensely plump, juicy lemon in your hand. Imagine now that you are dropping it on a table and listen to the ‘thud’ it makes. Now visualize you are taking a sharp knife and cutting it in half. Take one half of the lemon (still in your imagination) bring it up to your nose and scratch the surface with your fingernail. Imagine what it smells like. Finally, visualize that you are biting into it. By now, your mouth would have probably started salivating as though you really were biting into a ripe lemon.

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