Professional Badminton Player: Key Steps

Professional Badminton Player: Key Steps

Admin | 2024-04-02

Well begun – is only half-done. What next?

Having taken a successful first step towards becoming a professional badminton player, this blog will equip you for the journey ahead in the sport. At this juncture, the player as well as the parents are convinced of the former’s potential in the sport of badminton, and taking the next step feels logical. The game is now a more serious affair, the challenges and demands completely different than those in the beginning phase. From spending a few hours during vacation/weekends, there is a shift towards setting schedules that revolve around badminton training. 

Beginning at a badminton academy is a great method to learn within comfort zones. However, one must start playing badminton tournaments at a district level, the state level depending on bandwidth and then move on to mark a strong presence at a national level. If you are a high-performing player, simultaneous appearances in events with varying difficulty levels help build stamina and agility. 

What is different now?

Time managementThe phrase is old, but the experience is new. Top badminton players swear by this mantra. Allocation of the single biggest resource available-time, is paramount. A badminton player’s day will now be very different from any other person of the same age. The time spent on court will be at a completely different level than when indulging in a recreational game or two at the end of a day.

Training Regimes – Physical training is more intense – from 2 or 3 times a week, the load gradually increases to 5 times a week for young badminton players between 12-16 years of age. Players are now familiarized with multi-field techniques, shadow badminton, visualization and breathing exercises to improve focus and decision-making. Most of the time is spent comprehensively preparing to compete at a professional level. A good investment in strength training at this time will reap returns in terms of superior stamina and sustained performance.

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